The Rise of the Deskless Workforce

of the world’s workforce
don’t work from desks!

Without access to corporate emails or computers, these employees rely heavily on direct managers to relay information.


Disengaged - disconnected from peers and organization goals


Low visibility into operations

Overall impact

Low Productivity, Low Compliance, High Employee Turnover, Poor Customer Experience

Taqtics bridges this gap by providing a mobile platform to Train, Engage, Manage and Communicate with deskless employees.

A Unified platform to Streamline internal processes & Enable collaboration, engagement, productivity and performance across deskless employees.
Task & Process

Train, upskill and enable employees for success via bite-sized (micro learning), gamified training modules, that they can consume via their mobile device.

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Tasks & Processes

Improve team productivity, collaboration and compliance by defining, scheduling and assigning tasks to ensure employees know what to do, how to do, and when to do.

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Keep deskless employees connected, engaged and informed about the overall goal. Bring remote teams together by enabling free-flowing collaboration and interactions.

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Drive Excellence across Operations

The Only Platform you’ll need to Optimize internal processes & Enable deskless employees for success

key benefits to the organization
  • Reduce the Time, Cost and Effort spent Executing new strategies, Rolling-out new guidelines, and Monitoring on-ground Implementation
  • Improve daily Compliance through short and simple ‘How-tos’, and monitor daily Performance through evidence-backed real-time dashboards and reports
  • Build internal operations for Scale, by Streamlining and Standardizing internal processes, workflows and communications on One Platform.
key benefits to employees
  • Set up employees for Success by providing bite-sized training content and scheduling their daily tasks and SOPs on one easily accessible mobile workstation.
  • Increase Employee Engagement, Satisfaction and Motivation by enabling easy collaboration on daily activities and real-time gamified KPI dashboards.
  • Reduce the Time, Cost and Effort spent by employees on tedious tasks that distract them from higher-value aspects of their jobs – by digitalizing and automating repetitive tasks.
Other Benefits You’ll Love
A Unified Platform

One digital dashboard for all data across your operations.

Built for Business Users

No-Code platform requiring no tech knowledge.

Support from Experts

Best-practice advice and assistance with deployment


Our commitment to data security drives everything we do.


Built for large tams with role-based permissions and easy onboarding


Integrate with existing solutions via REST-based APIs

Tailored specifically for each Industry
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