Train your teams with bite-sized content to increase completion and improve retention.

More engaging than long training sessions, these small bits of easy-to-consume training keep your teams motivated, with a sense of accomplishment. It also ensures teams can revisit training content and refresh their knowledge, as and when required.

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Virtual Training

Conduct interactive live-training sessions through Video Conferencing.

When conducted live, online training becomes more interactive and engaging. Dispersed teams can also easily access their training sessions from their handheld device with a mobile-enabled platform.

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e-Tests & Assessments

Evaluate knowledge retention and training efficacy with online quizzes and assessments.

Built-in e-tests and automated test scoring helps you better gauge comprehension, certify skills, and measure the effectiveness of training programs, in real-time. It also offers a quantifiable way to up-skill teams and evaluate their organizational impact

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Gamified Leaderboard

Gamify training to make learning fun and interactive.

Gamification is proven to be an effective way to improve training through healthy competition. Gamified leaderboards also improve engagement and motivation among teams.

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Data Storage & Sharing

Make data accessible by all, anytime, anywhere and from any device

A single platform to share and store information increases the efficiency of your organization and its teams. All files are secure and readily accessible at all times.

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Reporting Dashboards

Monitor, measure and improve training programs in real-time.

The dynamic learning environment of the digital age requires real-time progress reporting. Insightful dashboards keep track of individual training progress, measure program performance, and identify improvement areas, consistently.

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